Under Deck Possum Removal

Skilled Experts For Under Deck Possum Removal Services Now In Perth 

Are you suffering from hantavirus and you do not want your kids to become victims of the under-deck possums? Immediately book us for under deck possum removal Perth services. Humane Possum Removal Perth totally understands your problems regarding this and hence offers emergency and same day possum removal services for our clients. Meaning you can rest assured and let our under-deck possum removalists work their skills in the complete removal of possums and their babies. 

In fact, if the under-deck possums are creating a nuisance at your property, you can immediately call 08 7184 0835 for emergency service. We assure you that we will reach your place within the next 24 working hours to help you out of your emergency. In addition to this, be it for emergency or same-day services, we dispatch our team to reach your home within 1 hour or so of slot booking. So, count on our well-timed aid! 

 Under Deck Possum Removal Services

We Offer Different Under Deck Possum Removal Services Like 

Pre-Purchase Under Deck Possum Inspection Service 

If you do not want to think about the chances of possums entering your newly-bought private home, then contact our team for an inspection. We do the best pre-purchase under-deck possum inspection so as to do the right treatment for the area; if we find the presence of possums.

Same-Day Under Deck Possum Removal Service

As we understand the extent of damage underdeck possums causes to your property, we came up to provide same day service for Perth residents. In fact, this is one of the assured services that will be provided within 24 hours of appointments for under deck possum removal service. 

Emergency Under Deck Possum Removal Service

With years of experience in the industry, we learned how to cater to Perth clients who come to us for an emergency under deck possum removal. Because our top priority is to keep our clients’ concerns on top of our list and not let them be threatened by underdeck possum attacks. 

Eco-Friendly Under Deck Possum Removal Service 

It is better if you would come to us for underdeck possum removal as soon as you find signs of them as we offer eco-friendly possum removal. In fact, our eco-friendly underdeck possum removal service is available for residential as well as commercial properties. 

Why Did We Become “The Most Recommended Company” In Perth? 

Do you want to know why we became the most recommended company in Perth and that too for under-deck possum removal services? There are more than one reasons for it and some of them are stated as follows: 

  • Have expertise in quickly finding the hidden areas of underdeck possums in your Perth property
  • Catch possums with the implementation of advanced technology to quickly put an end to possum diseases
  • Take slot bookings from dawn till dusk even on public holidays
  • Local experts are available to cater to all your under deck possum removal Perth needs at affordable prices 
  • Professionals from our company are punctual as well as professional when attending to the clients
  • Unparalleled knowledge and hence we know how to customise a possum removal program on the spot. 

List Of Under Deck Possum Types We Safely Remove

  • Ringtail Under Deck Possum Removal 
  • Brushtail Under Deck Possum Removal
  • Feathertail Under Deck Possum Removal
  • Pygmy Under Deck Possum Removal
  • Stripped Under Deck Possum Removal
  • Freetail Under Deck Possum Removal

Hire Our Professionals To Remove From Any Kind Of Your Property

You can also hire our under deck possum removal Perth professionals for possums removal if you turned your under-deck into some useful area. And depending on the height and size of your underdeck, we tell you how much time it takes to remove them safely. If you have maximised your underdeck like the following, do contact our experts for the removal of possums. 

  • A garden 
  • An outdoor living room 
  • Landscape
  • Stored lawn equipment
  • An outdoor kitchen 
  • Set up of string lights 
  • Incorporated with couches & 
  • Play area for kids. 

How Do Our Experts Remove Under Deck Possums? 

  • Possum Inspection

Our under deck possum removal Perth treatment starts with inspection at the hands of licensed experts. As most of the customers put crushed stones to create natural under-deck runoff, we inspect for possums over there. Moreover, we also look at the severity of damage under deck possums because of their infestations. 

  • Customised Possum Removal Method 

Then, we customise an under-deck possum removal method on the spot and prepare to execute it the same way. To do successful possum removal, we use cage traps in order to catch possums. This way we make sure that your Perth property under the deck doesn’t have possums anymore. 

  • Follow-Up Post-Inspection 

After the completion of under deck possum removal treatment, we do a thorough inspection of your underdeck. Only after this step do we consider the process to be completed successfully. Moreover, this step acts as the verification step and shows us all the underdeck possums are safely removed and relocated. 

Multiple Options To Catch Under Deck Possum 

Our under deck possum removal Perth team have multiple options on how to attract and catch possums, direct trapping and prevent their entry. So, take a look to find what kind of ways we have to do safe and secure underdeck possum removal. 

  • Disrupting Their Nest- Sometimes, we disrupt the possum nests instead of possums as they seek back nests every 2 days. So, we mess up their nest in such a way that possums try to seek another place to fend for themselves. 
  • Commercial Traps- We place commercial traps all over the areas that possums frequently visit indoors on your property. Moreover, we set these traps at night in order to avoid attracting other pests like rats, mice and other animals during the daytime. 
  • Baiting- We bait the possums with fruits and vegetables they love and are in search of. Oftentimes, we also leave trails of pets such as dogs or cats as attractants of possums and their families. 
  • Possum Box Installation- Installation of possum boxes will be done on trees that are at least 2.6-3 m high from the ground. We install the boxes in such a way that the post of the box lies against the tree trunk and the hole faces light in the southeast. 
  • Electronic Repellents- We use a variety of electronic repellents such as motion-activated sprinklers to scare away the possums. These electronic repellents in fact deliver the most consistent outcomes and satisfy client needs. 

An Under Deck Possum Company That Is Best In Perth

One of the reasons why we are the best underdeck possum removal Perth company is that we do only humane treatments. Despite the seasonal changes and climatic conditions in Perth, we make every effort to offer effective removal services. This way we make your stress as low as possible and keep your health threat-free. 

We Abide By Australian Law In Protecting Possums 

The New South Wales Parliament has passed legislation known as The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 for the main purpose of possum protection. Therefore, it is illegal to kill possums and one cannot catch them without a proper licence or have authorisation from the Australian government. Thus, we do not take a chance to go against set laws by Australia and do effective but safe underdeck possum removal. 

Call Us Now To Book Our Under Deck Possum Inspection Service

In addition to pre-purchase inspection service for newly-purchased properties, we offer on-time inspection for properties that show possum signs. In fact, if we find no possums under the deck despite the thorough inspection of your place, we charge only for inspection. The bookings for underdeck possum inspection service are available from Mondays to Sundays, 24 hours a day! 


Can you state a few facts about possums? 

If you want to know a few interesting facts you need to know about possums are below: 
– Being herbivores, possums live to eat eucalyptus
– They have a natural defence mechanism
– Excellent climbers that can hang upside down on trees
– Notice their presence during the daytime only if they are disturbed during their sleep. 

Can I avail of a quote via call? 

Yes, you can avail quotes via call for any of the underdeck possum removal Perth services. Besides calling for a quote, you can otherwise fill out the form to avail of obligation-free quotes from us. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote! 

How much time does it take for under deck possum removal treatment to complete? 

Generally, it takes about 45 to 60 minutes to complete an under-deck possum removal treatment. And this is possible only when on-trend technology and advanced equipment are used. So, hire our experts for prompt services!