5 Best DIY Possum Deterrents To Keep Them Away 

Possums are the very reason for various infections because they are the carriers of the disease or infection-causing germs. It doesn’t take a lot of time for anybody to detect the pest infestation on their property, because they leave behind certain traces that will help them identify the presence of possums. But by then, the infestation level in your property might have gotten worse. So, it is necessary to keep an eye out for identifying the presence of possums on a regular basis. And also take necessary precautions to avoid their entry into your property. Be it a residential one or a commercial property, taking preventive measures is helpful. 

Do you know how to achieve such results? It’s by simply following certain DIY ways that will act as deterrents and prevent the entry of possums into your property. In this article, we help you in making the 5 best DIY possum deterrents to keep them away. 

5 Best DIY Possum Deterrents To Keep Them Away 

Here Is How You Can Deter The Possums 

Possums can invade your property like no other pest. Therefore, it’s necessary for anyone to take immediate action if they ever come across possum droppings, hear hissing noises, etc. Since possums are dwellers, it gets easier to attack them or install deterrents to prevent their entry at the common spots where they often reside. The following are the 5 best DIY possum deterrents to keep them away. These are the natural and most common deterrents that could possibly offer the best results: 

1. Sprinklers 

Consider getting water sprinklers because they are motion-sensitive devices. Such devices start to sprinkle water when they detect the sensation of movement. Therefore, one can efficiently deter the possums from moving around the property. These sprinklers can be installed in the garden, lawns, backyards, and wherever the chances of possums roaming around. 

Since possums are nocturnal animals, they usually creep around in the middle of the night while exploring your property for food. That’s when the sprinklers come in handy. Sprinklers are the perfect solution to deter the possums and keep your lawn and garden greener without having to worry about pests attacking them. 

2. Mothballs 

Mothballs are one more way for humane possum removal. Do you want to know how? Mothballs that are actually used to keep moths away can also be used to deter possums. Because certain mothballs have the stinkiest odour. Upon exposure to such a stinky smell, possums can get deterred by these. Hence you can simply keep them away from entering into your property. These mothballs can be kept in the common places where possums usually dwell. This can be anywhere including closed spaces such as garages, roofs, cupboards, cabinets, etc. Along with this, you can also place them at the entry points from where they can easily get access to the property. 

3. Quassia Chips 

Quassia chips made from the extracts of a tree named Picrasma excelsa are often considered a pest deterrent, especially for possums. This tree consists of resin that is named “Quassin”. This leaves an awful taste on the palate upon chewing. It’s the same for possums as well. Hence possums are extremely deterred by these and will not come across them when used as chips. Quassia chips as mentioned above are bitter since they are the bark of the tree. 

These chips are spread among various spits across the property. If not, there is another effective way for you to do the job. It’s by soaking the Quassia chips in a water container overnight. Later the soaked water can be transferred into a sprayer and is now sprayed all over the property. 

4. Molasses 

Molasses that are also known as Black treacle, can be the best possum deterrent. For this, all you need to do is dissolve the molasses in a litre of water. To it add washing liquid to enhance its properties. This solution works wonders for the pesky possums. This molasses solution is transferred into the bottle for spraying around. The solution upon spraying on the plants in the garden, especially on the leaves can help in deterring the possums. Possums when they try to feed on the garden leaves, it will taste bad. So, by this possums will never try to feed on your plants again. This way you can keep your lawns, backyards, and gardens safe from possums. 

5. Spicy Mix 

Similar to molasses which is the byproduct of sugar, you can use a spicy mix alternatively. For this, all you need to do is make a condition of all the spicy stuff that consists of strong condiments, garlic, chilli powder, etc. Even hot sauce or chilli oil can be used for effective outcomes. Any of the above-mentioned ingredients can be mixed in water in the right proportions along with dish soap. Now make sure to spray this solution on the areas you suspect the presence of possums. This will help in keeping the possums away from your property as it can give them a sensation because of the spice mix solution. 

These are the  5 best DIY possum deterrents to keep them away. By using these you will be able to actively deter the possums and protect your property. 


To conclude this, the above-mentioned are the  5 best DIY possum deterrents to keep them away. These DIY techniques can help you in keeping the possum count at bay and also get desired results. The best thing about these DIY methods is that all the techniques are free from harsh chemicals, non-toxic and eco-friendly. This will make it easier for you to try it on your own and protect your property from getting damaged by possums. Do try these methods for effective results and keep the possums under control by preventing their entry effectively.