Backyard Possum Removal

Hire Our Professionals For Backyard Possum Removal Perth Services

Do you not just want possums to cause minimal damage to your backyard but remove them completely from your place? Look for Humane Possum Removal Perth help. We are a professional company based in Perth that carries out a wide range of residential and commercial backyard possum removal Perth services. The majority of the jobs we take in Perth are carried out by experienced local skilled and well-trained experts in the field. 

As we limit ourselves to strictly following the standards of Australian law protecting possums, we use possum-friendly traps. Moreover, we never compromise on quality and hence use genuine and safe products in order to catch possums. With us around on the site, you can leave backyard possum removal work to us to relax and rest. So, if you are in search of a company that would meet your needs, contact 08 7184 0835

Backyard Possum Removal Perth Services

Here Are A List Of Backyard Possum Removal Services We Provide

Pre-Purchase Backyard Possum Inspection Service

Did you hear scratching sounds come from the backyard when you went on the grounds in your newly-purchased house? Bad news! Quickly take our backyard possum removal Perth teams’ assistance for a pre-purchase inspection and remove them before you start living there. Ping us now! 

Same-Day Backyard Possum Removal Service

Are you not feeling safe while relaxing in your backyard because of the hissing noises caused by possums? Now is your time to book us for same-day backyard possum removal service for your safety as well as your family’s safety. We are just a call away to make your backyard possum-free and make you feel safe. 

Emergency Backyard Possum Removal Service

Are possums coming over again and again despite you following all the necessary prevention tips for your Perth property? Do not take a chance anymore and suffer because of possums in your backyard. In fact, this is when you can get in touch with us to avail yourself of our emergency backyard removal service. Bookings are open, 24/7! 

Eco-Friendly Backyard Possum Removal Service

We know for a fact that possums are to be protected according to Australian law and hence use eco-friendly products for backyard possum removal. Fortunately, these eco-friendly solutions we use for the removal process are not just safe for possums but also for you and your family. 

Benefits You Get By Availing Of Our Company Services

Do you want to know how you as a client will be benefited if you hire our backyard possum removal Perth team or our company? We have listed them as follows: 

  • We mandate it to use the latest technology for backyard possum removal
  • Obligation-free quotes and advice can be availed by the customers even on calls
  • Alternative payment options such as card payment and online payment are provided
  • Professionals that come to your home to do possum removal services are licenced and certified
  • Customised backyard possum removal processes are done on the spot 
  • Be it for enquiries or service bookings, we give responses round-the-clock.

A Wide Range Of Backyard Possums We Remove Are Here 

  • Ringtail Backyard Possum Removal 
  • Brushtail Backyard Possum Removal
  • Feathertail Backyard Possum Removal
  • Pygmy Backyard Possum Removal
  • Stripped Backyard Possum Removal
  • Freetail Backyard Possum Removal

We Do Residential And Commercial Backyard Possum Removal 

Are possums threatening you by roaming near umbrellas, portable stoves or your seatings in the backyard? Why wait then to leave on their own when you can contact us for on-time backyard possum removal Perth services? In fact, we are a team in Perth that offers professional possum removal services in addition to residential services.

While inspecting the area, which has all the must-haves in backyards like outdoor storage, fire table, etc. Moreover, we also watch for possum signs in your backyard that might still be present looking somewhere in the hidden areas. Because we do not want to let the possums be left behind to damage your property after our backyard possum removal method. So, make a quick decision to book our experts! 

Removal Method We Follow For Backyard Possum Removal

  • Inspection Of Backyard

As an experienced backyard possum removal Perth team, we do the removal process in a stepwise manner. And the first step we do to confirm the presence of possums in your backyard is to inspect the area. During this inspection, we find all areas of your backyard where possums build their habitats.

  • Possum Trapping

To return the possums to wildlife 50 m away from your Perth property, we take up possum trapping methods. But we execute this kind of trapping based on the location of the area possums are hiding in your backyard. The traps we use are more like one-way doors where the possums find no place to escape. 

  • Post-Inspection & Prevention

Despite the safe removal of possums from your backyard, we do post-inspecting the area. After post-inspection, we also take precautionary measures like changing habitats in your backyard and use of repellents. Note- One thing we did not do is to not cause any kind of harm during this complete possum removal method.

Execute Different & Safe Possum Removal Methods 

There are different kinds of methods that effectively remove wildlife animals like possums from your backyard. Some of these methods show immediate results and others over a period of time. A few backyard possum removal Perth methods we adopt are here. 

  • Trapping: One-way door traps are the common trapping equipment we use when we are doing backyard possum removal. Although trapping a large population of possums takes time, this method is very effective. 
  • Possum Nest Box Installation: In order to not let possums enter indoors from the backyard, we install possum nest boxes on certain heights of trees. This way possums in the backyard get attracted to these boxes and stay in them to not enter your home. 
  • Habitat Management: Possums out of your property enter your backyard in order to seek vegetables, fruits and pet food. Hence, we do habitat management by identifying which kinds of fruits, and vegetables attract them and remove them.
  • Use Of Repellents: Repellants made of natural innards are particularly used as supplements to remove possums. In fact, these repellents are harmless but would rather discourage possums to enter the backyard areas. 
  • Exclusion: In this possum exclusion method, we close physical breeches that are open into a yard. This way we make it impossible for possums to enter your Perth property and protect your indoor spaces. 

We Are Perths’ No.1 Company To Offer Backyard Possum Removal Service 

As industries’ number one company, we own many well-experienced and properly-trained backyard possum removal Perth teams. Moreover, we know what laws should be abided by and which guidelines should be followed when we are doing possum removal. So, your Perth property and your health are in safe hands! 

Australia’s Legal Protection For Possum Removal & Catching

Australian law states that without a proper licence, no person or company can take up the job of possum removal. And if a person goes against this, legal actions will be taken against that individual with penalties charged in different ways. The law we mentioned here is called National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, in short, the NPW act. This act has been introduced because possums are endangered species. 

24/7 Backyard Possum Inspection And Removal Service Bookings

No, we did not take bookings for inspection during morning hours but instead take appointments throughout the clock, 24/7 hours. So don’t miss out on the chance of availing of our backyard possum Inspection services for your Perth property. All you have to do is to check out or company to contact at the number we provided to you. 


How do I remove possums from my Perth property’s backyard? 

It is unfortunate to let you know that awesome cannot be removed more than 150 m from your property’s backyard. However, you can either remove plants that attract possums or book professional backyard possum removal Perth company. 

How do I differentiate between possums and rats? 

Although possums and rats are nocturnal pests, possums follow a certain routine where they leave their places between 11 pm to 3 am. But rats do not follow this set routine like possums. So, you can easily differentiate possums from rats based on this interesting fact. 

What prevention measures can I take in order to prevent possums from entering my backyard? 

Prevention tips you need to follow if you have a backyard for possums entry are,
– Remove trees that attract persons into your backyard
– Plant those saplings that repel possums from entering
– Use sprays and deterrents.