About Us

Who We Are?

Humane Possum Removal Perth: We are an expert team of possum catchers who have proper knowledge about different types of possum species. We use traps, cages and physical methods to catch the possums. When we are there to catch possums, no harm is caused to possums, our clients or their pets while we do the possum-catching job.

Our Solutions and Services

We release the possum in a place where they are safe enough, mostly 50m away from the site of capture. We follow the Australian government’s standard rules and regulations of not killing possums. You can rely on us for an effective, safe, and professional possum removal service. Here are our solutions and services:

  • Setting up one or more cages and fruits in a cage
  • We leave them in a safer zone after capture
  • We provide multiple visits for complete relief
  • We fence the roof and garden area to stop possums
  • Dead possum removal

How Do We Deal With Your Problems?

Mostly, a possum is present on the roof or in your garden, we will inspect your place thoroughly and will apply the right treatment to catch them.

  • Possum Inspection
  • Possum Catching And Relocation
  • Dead Possum Removal, If Any 
  • Fencing And Prevention Tips 

Our Skills and Certifications

Along with skills and certifications, we work hard to serve in the best way. Let us see how:

  • No fixed rule, we act according to the situation
  • Cage size decision
  • Certificate III In pest management
  • Associated with wildlife caretakers in Perth
  • We are known for saving possums and their habitats

Why Perth Love Us For Possum Removal

We understand the need for emergency and general services when it comes to possum infestation. So, we always reach out to our clients as quickly as possible and provide the best service. We further ensure no returning of possums. Some other reasons why Perth loves us are:

  • 24/7 Service
  • Services As Per The Law
  • Satisfaction On Priority
  • Timely Emergency Services  
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Our Experience In This Business  
  • Dedication To Service 
  • Services Perth-Wide  
  • Professional Team

Available Perth Wide

Our possum catcher team works in all the suburbs of Perth be it the south, north, west, east, or inner suburbs of Perth, we are there to help our clients. The cost of our possum removal service is reasonable. You get the best value for your money when you hire us in Perth.