Dead Possum Removal

Efficient Experts For Dead Possum Removal In Perth 

As one of the lead companies in Perth, Humane Possum Removal Perth takes the initiative to provide the best services with efficient experts help. In order to protect public health, our management team takes responsibility for offering emergency dead possum removal Perth service. We structured our dead possum removal programs in such a way that they cause no harm to residents of the property. 

Also, we have a history of helping out hundreds and thousands of Perth locals by preventing health issues from happening. Moreover, each of our dead possum removal Perth experts are passionate and professional about the services we provide. So, take our customised assistance and get your job done in a timely manner with the help of eco-friendly solutions. Thus, call today on 08 7184 0835 for budget-friendly services! 

Dead Possum Removal In Perth

Quick & Safe Dead Possum Removal Services In Perth 

Dead Possum Removal Service

Do you find yourself in an unfortunate situation where possums are found in different hidden areas of your Perth property? Then it is time to get in touch with our professional removalists. We are efficient experts that remove deceased possum carcasses from every part of your Perth property. 

Inspection For Dead Possum Removal

In order to find the areas where possums died in your residential or commercial property, we do the inspections. In fact, one of the first areas we check across your home or any other place is an indoor attic and outdoor garden. 

Backyard Dead Possum Removal Service

One of the priorities our dead possum removal Perth team have is to provide top quality backyard that person removal at affordable prices. Moreover, we also assure you with the removal of dead possum carcasses while involving the use of the latest methods and advanced technology.

Under Deck Dead Possum Removal

As under decks are the safest places for possums to hide, most times they find dead possums under these areas of your property. Hence, we ensure not to miss doing the inspection for this area and dispatch a proficient team to help you with under-deck dead possum removal. 

Same Day Dead Possum Removal

You have to know that we are an experienced team that has specialisation in offering the same-day dead person removal service. It is also another surprise that we reach your place within one hour of our dispatched time to provide in-time service. 

Emergency Dead Possum Removal

If you feel that you are put in a situation with a dead end, then immediately contact us for emergency dead possum removal from roof service. So, if you book us for the service right away then you can expect our arrival in the next 24 working hours and find no more dead possums on your property. 

Why Choose Us For Dead Possum Removal Perth Service? 

We do room-to-room dead possum removal from your Perth property in both residential and commercial spaces. And with the products we use, there will also be no smell after we complete the dead possum removal program. There are also other benefits like the following ones if you choose us: 

  • Dead possum removal Perth processes are implemented with kid-friendly and environmentally-friendly solutions
  • On-site effective service for all kinds of dead possum types despite the possum carcass
  • Experienced, local and fully-trained team of experts are dispatched for dead possum removal services in Perth 
  • Our bookings are available throughout the day and night. Moreover, we take multiple bookings from one customer
  • With our company by your side, you do not need to worry about service charges and hidden charges. Because we offer affordable services
  • We offer obligation-free quotes and advice on how to prevent the entry of possums into your property. 

All Types Of Dead Possum Removals We Remove From Your Perth Premise

  • Ringtail Dead Possum Removal 
  • Brushtail Dead Possum Removal
  • Feathertail Dead Possum Removal
  • Pygmy Dead Possum Removal
  • Stripped Dead Possum Removal
  • Freetail Dead Possum Removal

We Remove The Possum Carcasses From Different Areas Of Your Property

From hotels to private homes, any property can avail of our dead possum removal Perth services as we offer the best of our assistance. In fact, we also remove possum carcasses from different areas of your properties like the following ones: 

  • Backyard
  • Under deck 
  • Garage
  • Fence area 
  • Lawn 
  • Tree holes 
  • Rock piles 
  • Trash cans 
  • Brush piles &
  • Abandoned den sites. 

What Is The Process We Follow For Dead Possum Removal? 

Here is how we do the dead possum removal:

  1. Dead Possum Inspection 

A dead possum removal team comes to your place to do an on-site removal process and first determine the area of the dead possum. To complete this, we detect the rotting smell of possum carcasses with endoscope cameras. With a detector like this, we find dead possums from even hard-to-reach areas. 

  1. Removal Of Dead Possum Carcasses

As soon as we find dead possums, we utilise the best-of-industry tools and solutions to remove them. However, prior to this, we follow all the precautions like wearing protective gear, goggles, masks and gloves. This is to make sure that we do not come in contact with dead possum carcasses. After the dead possum removal, we cremate it to prevent the spread of disease. 

  1. Re-Inspecting The Area

The last step is to re-inspect the complete area in order to make sure no part of your property is left behind with a dead possum. Also, we make sure to inspect areas so as to get rid of potential residues, if any. 

Different Ways We Use To Remove Dead Possums From Perth Area

To dispose of the dead possums from your Perth region, we came up with different ways like the below ones:  

  • Burial – It is one of the oldest dead possum disposal methods that require a burial site. We wrap the possum carcass in a plastic bag to place it in a box with the following burial. 
  • Incineration- We take an incinerator to burn the possum carcass in order to destroy pathogens. Then, we pack the ash left after burning to send it to a landfill. 
  • Alkaline Hydrolysis- While applying heat, we mix an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide with the carcass. This outcome solution can later be drained into sewer lines. 
  • Rendering- Using eco-friendly byproducts, we convert dead possums into agricultural feed and protein. Here, 50% of this feed is water and 20% protein. 
  • Composting- It is a valid method that is agreed by Australian guidelines as safe and harmless. It is a method where microbes such as fungi and bacteria decompose the possum carcass. 

Perths’ No.1 Dead Possum Removal Service

As mentioned previously, we have more than one way to do dead possum removal Perth methods for public and private places. In fact, you can count on our company to provide Perths’ no.1 services that ensure safe carcass removal and burial. Also, we make sure that at the point of dead possum removal, we are not creating any chance of spreading diseases and health illnesses. 

Book Us Today To Avail Yourself Of The Best Offers For Dead Possum Removal

One thing we can promise to both old and new clients from Perth is that we are available from Sunday to Monday, round-the-clock, 24/7 hours. Moreover, you can also get the best deals such as same-day and emergency dead possum removal Perth services. So, get in touch with our accredited company to hire licensed dead possum removalists. 


What are the consequences of not removing dead possums from my Perth home? 

The consequences you get to experience because of dead possums are many. Like, dead possums attract pests and this in turn spreads diseases. Also, a dead possum eventually decomposes and emits unpleasant odours into the surroundings. 

Are there any alternative payment options if I hire your experts? 

Yes, there are. Our alternative payment options other than cash are credit payment and any kind of online payment. 

How long will I have to wait before I stop smelling dead possums?

After professional dead possum removal, you need at least to wait for around 6 to 10 weeks. But you can rest assured that there will no spread of diseases.